Our corporate strategy revolves around the need to provide internationally recognised and accredited third party certification and quality improvement based training to our clients, with the objective of fulfilling their current business needs. We achieve this through the implementation of high quality business and technical processes, which are carried out by our team of professional and highly trained employees.

Such steps ensure that we produce first-rate services that cater to the various needs of our clients.
We position ourselves as a first-class certification and training body that strives to provide customer satisfaction, service reliability, and a confident corporate image.
We intend to be the leading third party certification services and training provider in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region. Through the quality of work and the business professionalism of our highly qualified and well-trained workforce, we aim to provide the best possible value to our clients who care about the quality, reliability, and efficiency of their business operations. We would like our certification to value add to our clients' business expansion.

  • Implementing and achieving the high benchmarks set for third party certification and training quality, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Fully committing to the business growth and development of our clients by offering excellent customer service and support to ensure we are known as the most customer focused certification and training body.
  • Instilling a culture of continuous improvement to uphold the standards of customer satisfaction by maintaining internationally recognised accreditation.
  • Ensuring that we are accredited to provide certification of all major management system disciplines.
  • Ensuring a qualified and well-trained professional workforce through continuous employee training and development programmes.
  • Ensuring that the TQCSI Certification Mark is more recognised than other competitors throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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